No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course Is a Game Changer

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  • 21 Jul 2011
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Raymond Fong – No Excuses 3 Home Study Course
Cost: $ 297 => You just pay $29.99

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course Is a Game Changer. Study course, revealing the most cutting edge and up to date methods for getting traffic, leads and converting new customers and reps into your business.

Let’s Start with the Essentials of Home Business
No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 1:
Ray Higdon: The $50,000 Residual Income Blueprint

What You Will Learn from Ray Higdon…

  •  How combining online with offline can increase retention, duplication, and help you produce multiple longterm streams of income.
  • Discover the key skill set that allowed a bankrupt man with $300 to his name, to create a $50,000/month residual income with 1 year.
  • How to utilize today’s Internet tools to create significant passive income, even if you are a technical dunce like Ray!
  • Why you should feel good about a bad economy and the specific steps you can take to build a lucrative home business and stay on top during the worst of times.
  • Bonus: Content secrets that helped Ray get 14 million hits to his website last year without spending a dime on advertising

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 2:
Todd Falcone: Network Marketing Mastery

What You Will Learn from Todd…

  •  The Single Greatest, No Brainer, Easy Way to Get People Clamoring All Over You and Dying to Do Anything to Be with You.
  • The One Habit that Makes or Breaks your Business and How to Develop it.
  • Power Strategies for Creating Explosive Growth and Duplication.
  • The Easiest Way from Procrastination to Massive Action

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 3:
Norbert Orlewicz: Your Unique Personal Success Formula

What You Will Learn from Norbert…

  • How to Eliminate Struggle, Work Less, Achieve More and Create an Online Presence that Magically Attracts Your Ideal Clients
  • The ONE massive secret that took me from 6 years of failure as an entrepreneur to creating $2.2 million in 12 months
  • Why MOST marketers feel overwhelmed, confused and struggling to figure out what they should focus on
  • How to easily separate yourself from all the “me-too” attraction marketing “copycats” online
  • A simple step-by-step process to creating an engaging and powerful brand with impact

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 4:
Mark Hoverson: Expert of Experts: The 7-Figure Showdown

Here are some of the questions he asked…

  • What do you say when your prospect says “I’m in… next week!”? What do you do to create a sense of urgency and signup them up right NOW, after they say “tomorrow” or “next week” or whatever?
  • What is your best leads source and what’s the strategy in a nutshell?
  • Had to get permission from Ferny for this one: Name your primary and show us your best pitch on your primary opportunity, unfiltered!
  • What do you do when you start getting messages/hatemail from people in your inbox? What’s the attitude or response?
  • Knowing what you now know, if you hit the reset button and started all over again, what would you do?
  • What do you know and do, that most of us don’t?

The answers to these questions by these 7-figure producers is contained within the home study course.

Next, We Tackle Traffic (Lots of It)!

 No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 5:
Michelle Pescosolido: Facebook Marketing & Advertising

What You Will Learn from Michelle…

  • 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Facebook, Which will destroy your reputation & get you banned from one of the highest quality lead sources, if you don’t get this right away
  • How to aggressively market and advertise on facebook, get tons of leads & build a 6-figure business from nothing in 6 months without losing your ass, shirt or marriage!
  • Learn how to significantly cut you click and lead cost by up to 90% or more, by just adjusting a simple setting in your account – it literally takes 2 seconds to do
  • Discover the different types of “ads” and the best way for you to advertise on Facebook which will minimize your ad cost, while maximizing the number of quality leads you get
  • Learn 2 of Michelle’s best, yet most under-utilized list building techniques and how to monetize them for immediate cash to fund your advertising and have ZERO out of pocket expense!

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 6:
Russell Brunson: Mass Traffic And Automated Webinars

What You Will Learn from Russell…

  • Create and roll out a mass, automated lead generation campaign, like the one Russell used to get 52,000 new fresh leads in 120 days
  • How to use youtube and “crowdsourcing” to unleash an army of lead gettin’ “robots” to create an unlimited perpetual traffic machine
  • The simple secret to getting HUGE email list owners to email millions of people on your behalf, for pennies per lead
  • How to get your message on ad networks that get billions of impressions a day
  • Bonus: The funnel Russell pushes all these traffic sources to, which allows him to make sales and build downline organizations without talking to a single prospect

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 7:
Jonathan Budd & Dean Kosage: Gamify Your Business

What You Will Learn from Jonathan & Dean…

  • Why you should ALWAYS be exploring new methods for building your business, regardless of what the ‘old school’ players who built their business 20 years ago, tell you.
  • How to use the newest iPhone and Android apps & tools to generate leads, get sales and recruit globally
  • Discover the global trends creating and destroying billionaires, and how to be positioned to effortlessly prosper as they unfold
  • How to stay connected to both local & international communities, leaders, clients without inconvenient and counter-productive company meetings
  • The revolution that is transforming the way your distributors and clients will learn, guaranteed to get them addicted to producing and obsessed with achieving income goals faster, quicker and easier than ever before.
  • How to use the psychology of ‘social gaming’ to create competition in your team which will result in income records being broken and collective wealth for your entire organization
  • Discover the next generation of learning platforms, which will make email, blogs & traditional membership sites seem like pre-historic relics of the 90′s

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 8:
Amish Shah: 90,000 Leads In 30 Days Using iPhone Apps

What You Will Learn from Amish…

  • Why Amish walked away from an affiliate marketing business, that did $110 million in sales since 2008, to pursue his app business full-time
  • iPhone and Droid Apps Demystified – Why the future of internet marketing and making money is in literally in the palm of your hand
  • Learn how Amish recently generated over 90,000+ leads in less than 30 days using iPhone apps
  • How Anyone Can Get Started With Apps even if you don’t know the first thing about programming
  • How Amish recently sold his app business for $1.95 Million, AND still gets paid by the people who bought him out!

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 9:
Jerry West: SEO MindCrimes

What You Will Learn from Jerry West…

  • Meet Google’s public enemy #1, responsible for teaching the truth about driving big Google traffic for free and exposing the bullshit and lies Google tells to confuse SEO marketers
  • How Jerry West is getting over 1 million+ UNIQUE views & making $67,719 per day in affiliate commissions ($307,816 in sales a day) from SEO alone
  • Discover the SEO campaign that has produced $13.6 Million in affiliate sales and $3 Million in commissions (profit) over the past 2 years online
  • Get the simple SEO formula Ferny and Ray learned 2 years ago at a private meeting with Jerry West which completely altered their approach to driving search engine traffic and making money online
  • Learn how you can become a part of Jerry West’s private mastermind for 1/600th of the price it cost Ferny and Ray to get in (this is a private invitation only group of ‘SEO Illuminati’)

Convert Traffic with Automated Sales Funnels

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course:  Module 10:
Geoff Stephen: Super Sales Funnels

What You Will Learn from Geoff…

  • Revealed! How Geoff recruits an average of 26,000 new distributors per year and grows an MLM organization of over 130,000 distributors over 5 years on auto-pilot!
  • Here’s the secret to converting even the “worst and lowest” quality traffic into rabid buyers (i.e. kill it with traffic exchanges, pop ups, craigslist and other “forbidden” and simple traffic methods)
  • See the automated marketing system Geoff has created to continue to make sales and recruit without talking to a single person on the phone
  • Why Geoff is one of the few Internet marketers in the world to silently maintain a consistent worry free million dollar business from home, while others jump from opportunity to opportunity
  • Combine this “magic funnel” with advertising strategies anyone can use to generate traffic, leads and finally give the little guy a shot at making some serious money

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 11:
Ann Seig: En Masse Recruiting With Webinars

What You Will Learn from Ann…

  • Experience the thrill of a “buyers rush” on a consistent basis every week without all the work and drawbacks of a full-blown launch using the team “mini-launch” system.
  • The downline building process that allows you to close ONE out of every TWO of your team’s webinar attendees into their organization FOR THEM, creating massive growth and duplication.
  • 97% fail in MLM? Maybe other teams, but not yours. Not with a predictable plan for systematically increasing the production of every team member in your downline by 400-500% through evergreen events, incentive programs, creative challenges and leadership incubators.
  • Why “follow up” is D-E-A-D in today’s brutal economy (and why you need to make the shift to the new model ASAP in order to convert leads into sales and distributors)
  • How to systematize your event-driven, webinar-based model into rinse and repeat processes… giving you consistent cash and growth like clockwork, 365 days a year.

Now Let’s Jack Up Your Conversions

 No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 12:
Dan McCormick: The Art Of Recruiting & Promotion

What You Will Learn from Dan…

  • Principles of success which are evident in all great men and women necessary to create and MAINTAIN wealth
  • The event cycle that all successful people pass through before becoming wealthy
  • How to hit the elite levels of knowledge and income
  • Discover the attitude, skills, habits and personality traits of highly successful people

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 13:
Sonia Stringer: Magic Words To Selling & Recruiting

What You Will Learn from Sonia…

  • The #1 most common mistake most networkers make when talking about your business that is costing you a LOT in lost sales and business opportunities
  • The one simple shift you can make in your recruiting and selling that will instantly boost your sales and income
  • How to quickly discover what really motivates your customers and prospects (and how to use this information to elegantly influence them to buy from you – or join your business)
  • The “magic words” you need to use when describing what you do – so other people can easily see “what’s in it for them” and will take action immediately
  • How to apply these principles when doing business on-line (on your website, Facebook, social media tools, emails, etc) to easily attract great leads to you, and DOUBLE your results

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 14:
Cesar Rodriguez: Immediate Yes Formula

What You Will Learn from Cesar…

  • How to fill your funnel with masses of high quality prospects without working harder and completely eliminate rejection
  • Discover the “Immediate YES Formula” designed to dramatically increase your closing percentages, with the help of a simple iPhone app – Cesar uses this on a regular basis to close $20,000+ sales from cold ‘uninterested’ contacts
  • Forever eliminate the “I wanna think about it” answers, and get your prospects to buy what you got or join your opportunity
  • The key to achieving 60% or higher closing rates, even if what you are selling costs $5,000 or more and a million dollars in sales per year
  • How to turn yourself into a ten times bolder version of yourself, eliminate anxiety & fear to achieve any goal you’re chasing and become activity monsters and closing machines

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 15:
Tim Erway: Selling With Your Story

What You Will Learn from Tim…

  • Why the best copywriting formulas will never compare to your personal story and how to tell it effectively to cash in
  • The #1 “one word” email subject line that has made Tim and other marketers more money than any other
  • The email writing formula, Tim and Mike Dillard have used to generate millions of dollars online
  • Discover why people have actually gotten angry at Tim & Mike for NOT writing enough emails

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 16:
Andrew Cass: Selling With The Written Word

What You Will Learn from Andrew…

  • How to stop your prospects dead in their tracks so they take notice NOW, with hypnotic headlines
  • The #1 skill you must possess as a network marketer in the new economy, which every top income earner possesses to recruit and sell, even while you sleep
  • How to tie your online and offline presence together for maximum selling power
  • Discover the hidden art of selling, recruiting and lead generation online, using magical words & phrases
  • How to create a 7-figure income online, even if your websites are ugly, poorly formatted & lack quality graphics

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 17:
Brian Fanale: Forbidden Copywriting Secrets

What You Will Learn from Brian…

  • The never-been-told before sales secrets behind the automated marketing system that’s done over 12 million in sales online since 2008 in the middle of a recession!
  • The 7 unfair persuasion tactics I use to get people to buy now, which has made MLSP a fortune over the last 3 years
  • The #1 thing you must accomplish to get people to hand you their credit cards and join your business (if you miss this one, you will stay broke forever)
  • After you see what I’m going to teach you from the NES3 stage, you will never have to worry about money again, period

Team Training: Duplication Creates 7-Figure Residuals

 No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course:  Module 18:
Pamela Herrmann: Six Figures In Six Months

What You Will Learn from Pamela…

  • Recruit, hope and replace is failed logic. Learn the three unknown phases of mastery every distributor must graduate from in order to reach massive success, and how to do it in 6 months or less
  • Discover the specific skills that the top earners have mastered (but rarely teach) which can empower you with maximum influence, posture and magnetically attract new reps to you
  • There is no ‘code’ to crack; success in your network marketing business lies in the ‘RI System’ which is guaranteed to work for you and produce explosive results
  • Learn a simple 3-step success formula to effectively, quickly & painlessly recruit, train and retain

No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course: Module 19:
Tim Sales: Residual Income & Training To Duplicate

What You Will Learn from Tim…

  • Discover the 13 things you need to do and teach your team to do, in order to be wildly successful in network marketing
  • How to make yourself and your team feel energized and jazzed to perform the money producing activities guaranteed to turn you into a top producer
  • This business is not that complicated – Tim Sales, in his breakout room, will coaching you and doing drills with you to show you how to actually train your team members
  • Learn the exact techniques Tim Sales uses TODAY, to create rapid duplication throughout his organization


That’s the No Excuses Summit 3 Home Study Course!

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